Meet The Owner!

My name is Megan Housley! I am the owner of Leopard and Lush Boutique. I have wanted to start a online boutique for years now and finally had my dream come true (thanks to my super supportive Husband). My vision for Leopard & Lush is to be a place where friends and family can shop for unique items at an affordable price. My mom and I were avid Boutique Shoppers but I always felt it was either a good place for her or a good place for me not always for both of us. So my vision was to create the perfect place for both of us to shop that we both wanted to go back to time and time again.

Who is this chick!? Well I'm a normal person just like you! I married the man of my dreams in 2019 his name is JC. We have 2 amazing little girls Lexa & Emma. I am also a part time Realtor in Northwest Arkansas with Coldwell Banker Harris Mchaney & Faucette and I enjoy it very much! We have 2 Huskies and 1 German Shepherd who are also our babies! I grew up in Republic, MO and moved to Arkansas in 2018 and love it!! I'm an only child and my family means the world to me! I have a big heart and set high expectations for myself in life. I love outdoors, COFFEE, animals, Sparkle, Fun, Music, Adult Beverages on occasion, Seafood, Being unique and loving life!

I hope that helps you understand a little about myself and Leopard & Lush Boutique! I'm so glad you are here and I hope you have the best experience possible with the boutique. Please reach out if there is anything you have concerns with, questions, or just need a friend. Ill be there for you!